F-Games were conceptualized with the idea of introducing a new sport, an action sport to individuals, especially young adults, children in our country. The idea behind F-Games is to bring in a fresh sport other than traditional sports, and to use the sporting capabilities of individuals in our country fully. F-Games has the vision of training individuals for adventure sport, extreme sport and have wave board games for winter sport, water sport as much popular as the X-games. F-Games envision having a sport, games which can be practiced across ages for exercise and recreation.

Introducing wave board games for the first time in India


Wave Hockey

The age-old hockey, our national sport could not be more fun as you roll on your wave board, clacking hockey sticks and in the process hit the ball to target the opponent's goal.


Wave Handball

The basic ball game made so much more interesting. Put together your energy, spirit and zeal, as you roll on the wave board to grab a chance and throw the ball in the opponent's goal.


Wave Basketball

The sport of the "teens, your favorite basketball combined with the adventure of the wave board. Put together your passion, zeal for the game as you roll swiftly in the court on the wave board, passing and grabbing the ball not missing a chance to shoot the ball in the opponent team's basket and land back on the wave board.


Wave Touch (Kabaddi)

Our very own Indian kabaddi, combined with the action of the wave board. Ride on the wave board as you raid the opponent's field, tackle as many from the opposing team to be declared "out" and return back successfully not tipping off the wave board.


Know the sport better with a video demonstration

Gear & Equipments

Do it Right! With the best quality kit straight from the leading US manufacturer


The wave board which comes in two types is constructed of two separate paddle-shaped pieces in the shape of a narrow 8 connected by a rod underneath, and with two wheels on each side for easy propel.

Stunt Board

Have the thrill of a complete 360 degree turn or any unique movement you wanted to experience as a street surfer. Propel the wave board using your weight, hips and shoulders with the ease of having two flexible arms.

Keeping all the features of the basic wave board, this is designed primarily for kids of all ages; the wave board has a wide platform with traction dot grip.


A safety accessory must to be worn to experience the best of the sport and prevent any injury.


Wheels which are designed especially for the wave board, which comes in a pair and has two spacers and four bearings for optimum performance. It is recommended to change wheels from time to time for best performance of your wave board.

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Type of Training

Experience the Adventure Sport that has No Age Limit!


The beginners program is to understand the theoretical concept of the sport, and coaching for riding, balancing and getting acquainted with the sport and the equipment.


The second level of coaching is to learn tricks such as flip, turn on the wave board and all that is needed to experience the sport on its own or if combined with other sports of choice. Best players get a chance to play friendly matches and get rewarded.


The final stage of the coaching meant for the creme-de-la-creme who have been consistent performers and have a passion for the sport. They compete against players of similar caliber on state or national level championships to receive award and recognition.


We have imparted F-Games training in some of the most recognized schools of Pune spread across the city.

Victorious Kidss Educare

Since last 15 years, the school has excelled towards the objective of helping the children realise their true potential within. The school is driven by the motto of 'Learning to Love to Learn' and here our professionals believe- 'Every Child Matters (ECM)'. VKE ensures that every child will excel and will be brilliant, irrespective of the background and earlier education; VKE guarantees excellence for every child. Victorious Kidss Educares is known for the commitment it makes to its students and their overall development. The faculty and staff work together to ensure that students have the opportunity to enjoy a rich diversity of curricular and co-curricular experiences that will help them to develop as enquiring, articulate, global thinkers. The school encourages inquiry based education that in turn helps students to be creative, extremely intelligent, knowledgeable, international minded, compassionate and lifelong learners.

Indus International School

Indus International School was established in August 2008 at Mulshi, Pune by the Indus Trust. The school currently has over 325 students from 23 countries. Founded on the ethos of In Omnia Paratus-prepared for all challenges, the Indus International School nurtures the leaders of tomorrow through a unique and well-defined curriculum and a dedicated focus on "learning beyond classroom."

Bishop's School Camp

The main campus of Bishop's School is situated in Pune Cantonment, 2 km from Pune Railway Station. The campus is one of the oldest school campuses in India, and one of the most important landmarks of Pune. Adjacent to the campus is the St. Marys Church built by the British in the 19th century.

Following rapid development of the city and increasing demand for education, the school opened two new branches at Kalyani Nagar and Undri areas of Pune.

Vidya Valley

F-Games training were imparted at this leading school on the west side of Pune, which has established itself as a school of choice in a mere 10 years. Surrounded by nature, the location of the school is ideal to nurture sports and other physical activities.

Vidya Pratishthan's Magarpatta City Public School

MCPS's approach to learning is entirely student focused - that is, we understand that each child has unique talents and passions that need nurturing and support. Our teachers are experienced in educating the entire child, fostering every student's personal development. In addition to MCPS's commitment to academic excellence, the school is devoted to encouraging students to recognize the importance of national pride, selflessness, honesty, civility, public service and respect for others.

Bishop's School Kalyani Nagar

The Bishop's School, Poona, today is among the leading schools of the Nation growing from a school consisting of one Teacher and 15 Bishopites, it has grown to a school of nearly 80 Staff Members (Teaching, Domestic and Office) and nearly 2000 Bishopites (230 of them are boarders). The old boys of the Bishop's School have made a significant contribution in every walk of life, and are a living tribute to the fine training and education imparted in this school.

Indira National School

The school which is part of the Shree Chankya Education Society is a leading school on the west side of Pune. The school is recognized for incorporating both, academic and non-academic activities which are essential for the right development of students.

Kamal Nayan Bajaj

Part of the Bajaj Auto Limited Group, the school is in existence since 1976 known for its excellence in academic and co-curricular activities.

Stella Maris High School

Stella Maris high school was founded in 1979 at Vadgaonsheri. The principal of the school is SisterCristeen & working since 1997. It is a Co Educational English medium school with S.S.C. based syllabus. The school is engaged in providing education to students from L.K.G. to std tenth. There are 42 teachers providing education to 1918 students. Various sports & cultural programs are held round the year for extra circulars activities in the school.

Riverdale International School

RiverDale International School affords no compromise in maintaining the highest quality of education and focuses on training its students to excel academically, morally and socially. The school admits students in its Elementary Section from Grade 2 through Grade 6, its Middle School section, Grades 7 and 8, High School section, Grades 9 and 10 and Junior College, Grades 11 and 12. RiverDale offers Science and Commerce streams for the ICSE curriculum in Grade 10, and the ISC curriculum in Grade 12. The school is also affiliated to IGCSE (UK).

st. Ursula's Higher Secondary Sschool

The institute offers courses for 11th and 12th grade students. The subjects offered in this institute are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geology, Biology, Information Technology and German. The institute endeavors to provide high quality education by putting stress on both theoretical and practical knowledge of students on the subjects. The primary learning process is supplemented by excursions, interactive discussions, competitions, and cultural festivals for progress of student in all directions.

Vidyanand Bhavan High School

F-Games training were imparted at this Co- Ed school situated in Nigdi. Surrounded by nature, the location of the school is ideal to nurture sports and other physical activities. The school is equipped with Biology, Chemistry and Physics labs along with Nursing, Co- curricular and Activity rooms with specially made Indoor game room.

st. Ursula's Junior College

F-Games training were imparted at this St. Ursula's Jr. College along with the High school in its initial days of training program. Situated in Pimpri, this college is one of the best in discipline and knowledge rendering a bright young future.

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Private Training Locations

Experience the sport on a One-on-One training or in small groups